After completing the readings and watching the videos for this week, complete this assignment.

Using the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and evidence-based scholarly articles, address the following:


  • Explain the neurology of anorexia. Does the characterization of anorexia as a mental illness surprise you? What are your thoughts on the personal and/or cultural implications of classifying anorexia in this way, as opposed to a lifestyle choice or a matter of willpower? How might you support a family (or client) who is resistant to this seeing anorexia as a mental illness?
  • Describe and discuss changes in personality and social behavior that might be seen with anorexia. How would you assess for these changes?
  • Provide an overview of the health consequences and medical complications of anorexia.
  • Create a treatment plan for a client with anorexia using family-based therapy or other evidence-based therapy.

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