This is a creative question: I want you to create an idea USING APPROPRIATE FORMAT AND SUBHEADINGS WITHIN EACH PARAGRAPH. for a new theatrical STAGE production. This can be either a new version (revival) of something already done or a brand new concept. It can be a musical or stage play. It CANNOT BE A FILM. You will act as the producer: LABEL EACH 1-5.

1. TITLE: What is the name of your theatre production?

2. IDEA: FULLY Describe the theatre production idea.

3. CONCEPT: FULL DESCRIBE what would be unique about your theatre production?

4. DEMOGRAPHICS: FULLY DESCRIBE what kind of audience would your theatre production reach?


How would you bring your theatre production to life. Think about all the roles we have discussed, the writers (book), the composer (score) , the director, the designers, performers and audience. How would you stage it?

Remember to answer fully and clearly label each section.

Think about what worked for early producers like Florenze Zeigfeld (Zeigfeld Follies) and George M. Cohan (Little Johnny Jones)

Also, what worked for modern producers like David Merrick (42nd Street), the Walt Disney Company (Lion King, Beauty and the Beast), Cameron Mackintosh (Les Miserables) , Mark Platt (Universal Studios and Wicked) and Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton).

Could you incorporate any of their producing techniques into your production?

Have fun with this.

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