1. Choose the piece of writing you have produced that you think would most benefit from integrating multimodal elements. You can choose to include photos, clipart, graphs, charts, gifs, videos, music, graphic design, or any element you may feel will benefit the communication of your overall purpose. As you move through this process, think to yourself, “what will best improve the rhetoric of this piece?” You may also choose to re-vision the work as a physical visual art piece or as a video or recording. As you work on this project, consider what would be the most beneficial to your portfolio. You must integrate at least 3 multimodal elements that have clear relevance to the work and enhance the overall impact of your rhetoric.

    You must also revise your written work as you go. Using the technique you intend to employ in your portfolio, mark and explain your changes so that they are immediately evident to me.

    If you choose to submit a hard copy, you must submit during class time on Friday and submit a note here saying that you did so, this way you won’t show up as unsubmitted.

    Submit in an easily readable format. Preferred format is still .docx or .rtf; however, videos should likely be loaded to YouTube and a link provided in the text submission box. Minimum Expectations
    Clear, marked, demonstrated revisions to the text itself
    Effective integration of at least 3 multimodal elements

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