For this discussion, all students will respond to the following questions or prompts:

  1. Compare and contrast classic, retrograde and volume neurotransmission. Note any specific neurotransmitters that are produced each way.
  2. Provide a brief overview of signal transduction cascades.
  3. Based on any required lecture material in Module 1, write two possible quiz/exam questions. You may write multiple choice questions or short essay questions. Please include the answer, a rationale, and the source. The questions should be appropriately challenging and must be original (you may not use questions that are on NEI’s website or located online).

Then, you will respond to the initial postings of at least two other learners who have answered questions different from yours.

Recall that your main posting should be submitted by Thursday at 23:59 EST. All responses to other learners discussion questions must be submitted no later than Sunday at 23:59 EST in order to be considered for grading purposes. 

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