In order to be successful the student needs to:

1.   Develop a professional Resume 

  • A resume is a brief summary of your professional skills and experience over one or two pages. 
  • A professional NP Resume does not include time working in any position outside of an RN.  It does not include time spent in sales, or as a MA, lab tech or unit secretary.  Place a copy of your resume in your ePortfolio and your Cavnas assignment site.

2. Submit the provided credentialing application (below) to the Canvas assignment site. 

Credentialing is required of any position as a NP.  Whether in a hospital, office or other setting, employers are required to verify your background.  The provided application is typical of applications.  Please fill out as much as you can.  Please do not place any confidential information, such as your nursing license or SS# on it.  Post it to the assignment site along with your resume.


Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:.

  1. Evaluate the APN roles, NP core competencies and Master’s essentials (CO1)
  2. Identify individual attributes of the Professional Nurse Practitioner (CO6)


This assignment is worth a total of 20 points. 8 points for the resume and 12 points for the Credentialing application.


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