The focus is on professionalism and policy. You are to imagine yourself as having just given a speech to a focus group about a policy or bill you are in favor of (on a topic of your choosing).  After you leave this meeting you run into Mitch McConnell (and for those who do not live in KY. use your state Senator).  It is just you and him in an elevator and you have 1 minute to the next floor where you are getting off, to pitch your policy or bill to him.

Your assignment is to give a video taped  1 minute MAXIMUM “elevator speech” on the topic of your choosing. ie… you think gumball machines should be regulated because your next door neighbor chocked on a gumball and there needs to be regulation and responsibility of the owners of the machines, and it would only cost the state X amount of dollars to do so. 

This means you will need to do a little research into your topic.  It is to come from from your heart, your brain and your wallet.

 There are a lot of examples on youtube on how to do a elevator speech.  You can use Kaltura which is embedded in the course, your phone, youtube or any source to video on as long as it can be uploaded into the course.  If you have problems with the technical aspects, please contact IT at 859-572-6911.

To be successful students are to:

    • Develop a 60 second Elevator Speech about a health policy issue you feel passionate about that clearly articulates your position and post in the discussion board.  Dresses appropriately for the video.
    • Submit a 1 page single spaced talking points paper that can be given to politicians or reporters about your topic.
    • Submit at least ten references that you researched to support your policy on a separate page. Not all articles need to be peer reviewed, as they may come from a newspaper article or other source.  i.e.. you read an article in your local newspaper about the dangers of e-cigarette use. 
  •   Reply to  Elevator Speeches:
    • Watch, read the talking points paper, and respond to 4 elevator speeches from your classmates with a reference for each.

Rubric Information

Elevator speeches and the talking points paper will be graded using a 5-item rubric on a varied point scale, from  1-3 points  for each of delivery, time, and content of the message on topic, while considering delivery (eye contact, clear verbal skills, effective nonverbal communication, engaging approach, proper use of language), time (within 1 minute), and content of the message (appropriate content, effective appeals to:

  • brain (why it is a smart thing to support)
  • heart (an emotional reason to support)
  • wallet (an estimation of the  costs). 
  • Along with your talking points and appropriate references and responses to the other students’ elevator speeches.

Grading Rubric

Your assignment will be scored according to the grading rubric.

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