Online Assignment

Requirements for Paper

This is to be a 5-6 page paper MAXIMUM,  (not including the title and reference page) in 7th edition professional APA format, with an abstract on Healthy Work Environments in Nursing.  24 points

Submit the evidence table as a separate document. 6 points

  1. Define a healthy work environment.  Why is it important to strive for this in nursing settings… from an office, to a hospital, to academia.  Who benefits ?  What are the consequences of not having a healthy work environment.
  2. Write a PICOT question that would guide you in researching healthy work environments.
  3. Identify what evidence based research (EBR) you found on the topic (minimum of 8 peer reviewed journal articles < 5 years old).
  4. Identify the databases you used for searching and cite in the references.
  5. Did you face any barriers in searching for evidence?  If so what were they?
  6. Identify an EBP model that can assist you in translating your research into practice. Why did you choose this model?
  7. Identify a nursing theorist that can assist you in translating your research into practice.  Why did you choose this theorist?
  8. Identify recommended interventions that can be easily implemented in a work setting and any mitigating factors mandating careful consideration prior to applying  your EBP recommendations.
  9. Submit the evidence table (below) as a separate document.
  10. Submit your paper and evidence table to the assignment link in Canvas.
  11. Post the paper ONLY to your eportfolio.
  12.  Post a link at the bottom of the paper for your instructor to check the eportfolio site. 

Papers will be graded based on the rubic below

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