1. Review the DB rubric prior to responding to these questions. MSN 602 Discussion Board Rubricr-1.docx
  2. Remember reply to the main post with your initial response to all questions by 

Discussion Board:

The focus of this assignment is to prompt you to reflect on your learning this term.  You will demonstrate your understanding of the interplay among research, theory, and practice through your critical thinking evidenced in your responses to the discussion board items.  You will also investigate examples of the globalization of nursing.

  1. Describe what the following quote means to you.  “Theory without practice is empty and practice without theory is blind” (*Cross, 1981, p. 110).
  2. Explore the Sigma  website.
  3. Share the three most important concepts that you learned this 7-week term.
  4. What were the two most challenging activities for you confronted in this course?  What suggestions do you have related to addressing those challenges?

*Cross, P. (1981). Adults as learners. Washington, DC:  Jossey-Bass.

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