female Centered Movies – Sociology of Women
We need to see more women on-screen and behind the scenes.
Hopefully, then we’ll see more diversity in female characters in age, class, race, sexual orientation as well as personality traits. Not only do we need more films featuring strong, intelligent complex women living life on their own terms, but if we ever hope to achieve gender equality, we need to recognize films featuring women and created by women in awards shows. Women’s stories need to be seen; women’s voices need to be heard. Pop culture and the media impact how we envision society. That’s why we need to critique films and their portrayal of women and gender roles. The following is a list of movies that fall under a female-centered theme. Watch and analyze a movie and type a one-page sociological analysis of the roles of the women portrayed and how it relates to Sociology of Women. Watch Thelma and Louise

Title of Movie:

Summary of movie:

What did you learn by watching this movie?

How does it relate to the class material/information on aging?

ps : follow the format in the file below, one page only double space.

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