Mood Disorders (Bipolar Spectrum) in Children and Adolescents

Prompt Questions: 

Mood Disorders (Bipolar Spectrum) in Children and Adolescents


1. What are the differences, if any, of the risk factors of bipolar disorders in children and adolescents with various ethnic backgrounds?

2. What effect does Adverse Childhood Events have on children and adolescents with diagnosis of mood disorders, particularly Bipolar disorders?

3. Once you have evaluated and diagnosed a child with bipolar disorder what will be your course of treatment? What would be your course of treatment for an adolescent? Will you plan treatment with medications or therapy? Or both? Why or why not? 

4. What screening tools will you use to evaluate a child or adolescent for bipolar? What signs or symptoms might you notice when seeing a patient with bipolar disorder? How can you differentiate between bipolar disorder and depression in a youth?  







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