Discussion Boards demonstrate active involvement with the material being covered. Students will have a shared responsibility for learning, and for creating and sustaining the learning community within the context of this course. Students are asked to discuss the issues/cases in an effort to increase everyone’s understanding as opposed to a regurgitation of facts.  Communication skills such as good listening should be evident in well thought out discussions. Comments show evidence of a thorough reading and analysis of the power points and material assigned. Ideally there is a willingness to test new ideas rather than offer only cautious or ‘safe’ comments. Students interact with other class members by asking questions or challenging conclusions in a respectful manner.

Last-minute posts do not demonstrate your best work.  Two posts are required for each module in order to receive credit.

  • Contributions are evaluated on presentation of a meaningful ‘informed opinion,’ i.e., synthesis of your preparation on the topic, interaction with peers and faculty, and ongoing learning. Useful posts may include and are not limited to:
    • Posting your ‘take’ on the issue, this is informed by your preparation, not a ‘gut reaction.’
    • Asking critical thinking questions
    • Offering alternate interpretations and additional insights
    • Contributing to the learning of the group
  • Discussions must be backed up with PEER reviewed journal articles beyond what is provided for students.


Module 2/Week 2 runs from Monday until Sunday .

  • Answer the following questions from your textbook:
    • Chapter 2, p. 54,  Case Study #3   (MO5)
      • Consider the family capacity model,
        • Outline the families strengths, function, needs, goals and supports needed to maximize the family potential.
    • Chapter 4, p. 111 Seminar Discussion  #4. (MO8)
    • Due by 23:59 EST, Wednesday January 20th
  • Reply to  Discussion Board comments.
    • Please respond to a minimum of 2 other posts from students. (M05,8)
    • 2 PEER reviewed references are required for each post that are not greater than 5 years old and are not from your textbook.
    • Due 23:59 EST, Sunday January 24th

Your assignment will be scored according to the grading rubric.

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