1. Review the DB rubric prior to responding to these questions.  MSN 602 Discussion Board Rubric FINAL.docxActions
  2. Remember reply to the main post with your initial response to all questions

Grading Rubric:

Your assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric.MSN 602 Discussion Board Rubric FINAL.docx



The focus of this assignment is to gain a better understanding of the components and application of conceptual models and borrowed theories in nursing.  Further, you will analyze the different ways of knowing within your nursing practice.  

Discussion Board:

  1. Choose one of the conceptual models in your assigned reading in your Alligood text and answer the following questions:  a.  Name of the conceptual model;  b.  Core concepts of the model;  c.  Describe a nursing situation in which the model could be applied; and d.  Describe how you would apply  your chosen model to the nursing situation to facilitate a process improvement.
  2. Choose a borrowed theory from either your Polit and Beck text or the literature which could be applied to a nursing research article.  Answer the following items:  a.  Name the theory and the non-nursing discipline from which it comes;  b.  Identify 3-4 of the core concepts of the theory; and c.  Explain why this theory might be a good fit from which to develop a nursing research study.
  3. Your assigned readings this week introduces you to the ways of knowing in nursing written by Barbara Carper.  This is a seminal work in nursing.    Answer the following items:   a.  List the 4 patterns of knowing according to Barbara Carper;  b.  Provide an example from your practice for each of the 4 patterns;  and c.  What are your thoughts about the pertinence of these patterns in nursing today?
  4. There are multiple learning theories as you read in the Zhou & Brown chapter. Answer the following items:  a.  Choose and identify the name of one of the learning theories from the assigned reading of Zhou & Brown   and  b.  Develop a step-by-step program to decrease the frequency of medical mistakes in a healthcare practice setting.  Cite the principles or key concepts from your chosen learning theory that back each step of the program you develop.

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