Assignment Instructions:

In a Microsoft Word document, list the following:

Part A – Windows PC

  • Go to your computer’s Settings (Windows).
  • List 5 options that are available under this screen.
  • Which top 3 options do you think you would find to be the most useful for you as a user?
  • On the desktop, click in the Search Bar and search for ‘Snipping Tool’.
    1. Open up your Snipping Tool.
    2. Click on ‘New’.
    3. Take a screenshot of a portion of your desktop. ( This is step is to be completed as part of this assignment).
    4. When creating the screenshot,
      1. What two options are available in this tool? Why might these options be useful here?
      2. How can you use a screenshot when explaining something in an assignment or a presentation?
  • Click on the Windows button in the lower left hand corner of your screen
    1. List 10 applications found on your computer
      1. From your list of 10 applications, choose 3 and explain the purpose of each application.

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