Module 1 Assignment- N493

ommunity Education Project Introduction

This week’s assignment will be in three parts:

1. Write a short paper, 250–300 words, APA formatted paper (include a title page, introduction, headings for the body, and conclusion) which will:

  • Identify the topic for your community education project. Consider your community needs.
    • Discuss what your topic is and why you chose that topic related to your community needs.
  • Select your site for the community education project.
    • Discuss why you selected the specific site for your presentation related to your topic and community needs and note where and when (place, date) your presentation will take place. (If you are still working on solidifying the site, discuss your options and what your plans are to get this solidified to be a good fit for your topic and community needs).

**Note: In this course, in every module assignment or discussion, due to the nature of the assignments, you are permitted to use first person, such as I, we, me, us, etc. Please submit the paper above and the permission form into the dropbox- these should be submitted in two files in the dropbox.

2. Permission Form:

  • Complete and submit the signed (not typed) Community Health Educational Project Permission Form
  • No typed signatures are permitted- the person in charge at the venue you choose to use for your presentation will need to sign the form.

**Note: If this cannot be completed in the first week, please speak directly with your professor about options.

3. Practice Hours:

  • Each module has a minimum required practice hours related to your work on the main education project. Practice hours relate to time spent on project work (Discussion Board work does not apply). Document your hours for Module 1 in ProjectConcert. You should have an estimated 15 hours for this module.

**Note: Ensure to monitor and track your hours throughout the course to obtain the required hours by Module 6.

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