Part I

Mobile Interface Design

In this assignment, you will study mobile interfaces and analyze the design of these interfaces.

Using Online Library or the Internet, research the design aspects of mobile interfaces.

Based on your research and understanding of design principles and guidelines, complete the following discussions:

  • Evaluate your favorite mobile interface: phone, tablet, or game. Discuss the good and poor design aspects of the interface. Provide examples and evaluations.
  • Discuss the new design and evaluation challenges, with respect to interactive user interfaces such as Google Glass, Microsoft Surface, Apple’s Siri, and Android’s S Voice. Give examples of how you would overcome some of these challenges as a designer in a hyper-mobile future.

Part II

Course Project—Part 4: The Design Document

Continuing with the detailed project from W3 Assignment 2, where you documented user goals, this week, you will develop a paper prototype for the design of your proposed application, which can be tested. The prototype should demonstrate the following:

  • An understanding of user needs
  • A data analysis of user needs
  • The task analysis and decision tree

The prototype should be on paper or use index cards to represent starts and screens.

Review this article about Paper Prototyping. Or, review this article about the 7 myths of paper prototyping (note: the YouTube video present in this article has no audio, it is a visual demonstration only).

Conduct testing on the paper prototype through appropriate task scenarios and storyboards.

Document the results of your testing.

Additionally, begin assembling your professional design document. Create a Microsoft Word document that will include:

  • An introduction
  • Your target audience
  • The storyboard
  • The results of your testing the prototype
  • Plan for evaluation

Approach the project as a portfolio project suitable for submission for a professional position as a mobile designer. There is no page or word limit, but the assignment will be evaluated based on the quality of work and thought.

Submission Details

  • Support your responses with examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format.

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