You are required to prepare a summary PowerPoint presentation of your paper (maximum upload file size 40 mb) for distribution to your peers. This summary presents your paper’s area of focus, target population, and cultural model/theory and shows how you have integrated your ideas. It also demonstrates how this will be applied in evidence-based nursing practice.

Your presentation should include the following content:

  • Specific area of focus, cultural group, and nursing cultural model/theory; integration of nursing area of focus, cultural group/domain, and nursing cultural model/theory; and evidenced-based research and application to evidence-based nursing practice
  • Your presentation should be produced using Instructions for Narrated PPT Slides.
  • Your presentation should include graphics that help support your text (for example, graphs or tables).
  • Your presentation should be no more than 12 slides (or their equivalent) long.
  • Your PPT presentation should include a slide with a title page with the name of your culture paper and your name. It should also include reference slide(s).
  • You should use the same reference style on each slide as you would when writing a paper.
  • Your presentation, including references slides, must be written according to APA Guidelines, 7th ed.

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