MAJOR PAPER. Week 9 Assignment: Risk Management: Internal Policies and Procedures

Hi Anthony, this is a MAJOR paper that you have been working towards since week 1.  Its 20 pages. I will pay the remaining number of pages in the coming days. Please finish with the week 9 Discusion first then work on this one. I will be checking in on the progress. Thank you. Please do 20.

Number of Pages: Twenty (20)

The final project gathers together all of the pieces you developed in the three assignments you completed in this class. In this final project, you will create an effective compliance program that addresses the specific topic you chose in Week 2.

This final project is a comprehensive, integrated document that needs to address all of the elements of an effective compliance program. Your final paper needs to address the seven elements of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) definition of an effective compliance program: This assignment is points-heavy, so please get started early.

There are seven elements of the Office of Inspector General that define an effective compliance program that must be addressed. Be sure to clearly show me each element and how it applies to the topic you chose:

1.      Implementing written policies and procedures.

2.      Designating a compliance officer and compliance committee.

3.      Conducting effective training and education.

4.      Developing effective lines of communication.

5.      Conducting internal monitoring and auditing.

6.      Enforcing standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines.

7.      Responding promptly to detected problems and undertaking corrective action.

In your paper, be sure to address each of the seven elements as that element specifically applies to your chosen topic. Be sure to incorporate the information you derived from The Role of a Compliance Officer assignment in Week 4, and address the regulatory framework pieces that you analyzed in Week 7.

Please see the attached Assignment for Full Details and Additional Requirements/Instructions.

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