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Today, C/PHNs are faced with a multiplicity of population-based health problems within the community. Such public health problems as the quality of a community’s drinking water; the outbreak of Zika virus in the US; caring for returning veterans; an aging and more diverse population; as well as a major heroin epidemic further increase the burden on communities, services, and resources. One of the core competencies for Public Health Nursing is the ability to describe the characteristics of a population-based health problem. 

Discussion Instructions


  1. 1. Identify the population-based health problem you chose for your community.
  2. Do uncontrolled hypertension  in Hispanics population in my community
  5. 2. Describe the steps a C/PHN would take to address your community’s population-based health problem.


3. Clearly present your perspective and well-informed thoughts based on personal professional growth, new insights/ideas, ethical considerations, and citations from your text and other sources. 



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