I need the graphic logic model of the Urgent Care Center according to comments and instructions from my instructor. The instructor answers my questions regarding the logic model in the file Mails. 

Also, She wrote:

Cost and savings and/or revenue must be addressed or the decision-makers can not make a decision to fund the program.  Following the logic model, inputs must be defined in dollars required for each resource and funding is one resource that every program needs.  Activities may also generate a cost.  For example, statistical analysis of results may require a software program and/or the time of an analyst. Outputs must be equated to savings or revenue the program will produce; savings or revenue are one evaluation outcome every program must include.  If you can put this in terms of a Return-On-Investment, that’s best.  There certainly are some programs where costs exceed returns from outputs but these must be thoroughly justified, must closely align with the mission of the organization, and need to propose alternative means to fund the costs. 

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