The rubric for the final report has been posted in Modules. Use this and prior feedback as your guides in writing this report. You have a lot of leeway and latitude in how you approach this. Along these lines, a few things to note:

1. Don’t lose focus of the objective of the study. Your hypotheses were given to you in the lab handout when we started the experiment (along with predictions you were to come up with as a lab group). These should be articulated in the report.

2. We expect some statistical analysis with this. Use the statistical tools you’ve worked with over the semester to address the hypotheses/predictions. If you are having trouble with this, see one of us ASAP!

3. You have a lot of data at your disposal to help explain decomposition trends. All of the data we collected do not necessarily have to end up in the report. HOWEVER, you do need to justify your claims (i.e., we’re not going to simply take your word that the condition of Franklin is impaired and Pocosin is pristine). Also remember that any data you use should have its methodology explained (in methods) and its results presented (in results).

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