• Chapter 3—Twenty-First Century Thinking About Leadership and Management
  • Chapter 4—Ethical Issues

Same textbook


Select a leadership theory or model from this week’s reading in your Marquis & Huston text (e.g. strengths-based leadership, authentic leadership, quantum theory, etc.) and provide an example from your fieldwork experience of this leadership theory applied or in action. This example may come from your observations of your preceptor’s leadership style/model or another leader in the organization with whom you interacted, or you may be describing your own leadership style in handling a situation in your fieldwork. Comment on any positive or negative effects in the organization resulting from this leadership style or model. Bes sure to incorporate pertinent leadership references to support your points of discussion.  minimum of 500 words.




Provides clear examples supported by course content and references. Cites three or more references, using at least one new scholarly resource that was not provided in the course materials. All instruction requirements noted.


Well-organized content with a clear and complex purpose statement and content argument. Writing is concise with a logical flow of ideas.


Correct APA formatting with no errors. The writer correctly identifies reading audience, as demonstrated by appropriate language (avoids jargon and simplifies complex concepts appropriately).Writing is concise, in active voice, and avoids awkward transitions and overuse of conjunctions. There are no spelling, punctuation, or word-usage errors.


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