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please answer question below based on result


a.     What kind of leader are you according to your leadership legacy assessment results?

 b. How good are your leadership skills? 

 c. Any surprises related to the legacy or skills assessment?

 d. What is your leadership style according to What’s your leadership style assessment? Provide examples (stories) that demonstrate your leadership style? 

e. What if anything would you like to improve related to your leadership abilities and how might you do so?


A. On my leadership assessment result

• Ambassador – I score is 20 points out of 25

• Advocate – I score is 19 out of 25 

• People Mover – I score is 23 out of 25 

• Truth-Seeker – I score 21 out of 25 

• Creative builder – I score is 23 out of 25 

• Experienced guide – I score is 25 out of 25

B. On leadership skill score = 85; A democratic leader

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