For this section of your Leading and Influencing Change paper, you will identify a workplace or workforce issue that you are interested in analyzing and proposing a possible solution. Identifying your issue can start with observing practice in your workplace, asking members of the team about their difficulties in delivering care, looking through policies and procedures and guidelines of care, and asking clients about their perceptions of the care they are receiving.

In addition to defining your topic, Part I should include a brief review of the literature. The literature reviewed can consist of systematic reviews, meta-analyses, clinical guidelines, individual studies, review articles, and clinical articles. If you encounter any difficulties in finding sources or narrowing your topic to find fewer sources, please do not hesitate to contact your faculty member or the Excelsior Librarians.

Leadership Change Paper Sections

INTRODUCE: Write an introductory paragraph that includes the purpose, focus, and scope of the assignment. Include a brief description of your identified issue.

IDENTIFY: Identify a workplace and /or nursing workforce issue. Give a detailed description of the issue. Assume that the reader is not familiar with the organization or specialty area that is involved.

DESCRIBE: Describe the need and rationale for change.  Explain the scope of impact of the identified issue. Consider how addressing the issue will positively impact healthcare delivery.  What are the potential implications for not addressing the identified issue?

PROPOSE: Propose a solution. Does your solution require an organizational or health policy change? Explain why or why not.

ANALYZE: What resources, if any, will you need to implement your proposed change?Are there financial implications that should be considered?

This assignment is due Sunday, 11:59 pm ET.


Compose your work in a .doc or .docx file type using a word processor (such as Microsoft Word, etc.) and save it frequently to your computer. Part I should be between 3- 4 pages (excluding the title page and references) and must reflect APA standards for formatting (e.g., title page, APA level headings, references, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, usage) and writing should be consistent with Standard American English.

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