answer those four question.

Answer all questions in complete sentences.

Questions 1-3 Short answer. 1.67 pts each

1. You are working in an area of Yellowstone National Park where coniferous tree species are sparsely populated. You have a contract to perform multiple sampling efforts throughout a 250hA plot of Yellowstone to determine the densities of conifers in that plot. A. What method of sampling would you use and why? B. What would be a reason to not use the method that you have picked?

2. You were contracted to sample two streams within Troy’s city limit. The contract is to determine if a wastewater treatment plant was impacting one of the creeks. The other creek is a reference condition creek. A. What tests would you perform to determine if the Wastewater treatment is impacting the creek. B. Create a Hypothesis and Prediction on what you would expect to see if the wastewater treatment plant was impacting the creek when compared to the reference creek?

3. You have been put in charge of the branch of the OFF! Company, a company who makes many products to deter or kill insects, that designs bug zappers. Corporate wants you to develop a new model of bug zapper for 2020 release. A. How would you test multiple designs to determine what the most successful design would be?

Question 4. The US Fish and Wildlife is trying to establish a new National Forest in the East of Colorado. The Forest will be on the leeward side of the Rockies. The USFW contracts your private consulting agency to analyze the area where the forest is going to be and give them a list of species. Your boss wants you to analyze the data further for a technical report. The provided datasheet is the dataset from your study.Analyze the data provided. Determine the Shannon diversity and Stem Density for each of the three areas. Write a short discussion about the results that you have found. Be sure to explain and interpret your results. (15pts)Shannon Diversity: H’ = -Σ pi (ln pi) Stem Density: Density = ____1_tree_______________

(mean point-to-plant distance)2

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