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Joe Biden’s Presidency

Under the presidency of Joe Biden, there is seemingly a shift to a policy that believes that the United States can achieve more when united with their partner nations. President Joe Biden seeks to repair the strained relations with America’s allies. This is essential for its role in the world. He also seeks to rebuild USA democratic relations. To subsidize its commercial activities in Africa, the USA must mend its relationship with African countries strained due to racialization and other setbacks. The real power of the nation lies in the people. Joe Biden is expected to initiate the process to resolve global challenges like global warming, the coronavirus pandemic, and the rebuilding of the global economy after the coronavirus. To do so, he will require help from his allies. With the increased advocate for climate change, President Biden will try to make fossil fuels cleaner by encouraging carbon capture, and he will also reduce the demand for fossil fuels.

Many people did not vote in the past election year due to reasons like long lines, Covid-19 pandemic, post delays, and court rulings. These conditions have tested people’s faith in the electoral system. Many people had to wait for so many hours before they could cast their votes. This discouraged so many people because they would get tired of waiting. The coronavirus prevents many people from casting their voices as they feared they would contact it .the protocols set to curb the disease also was a setback to the electoral period. The delays in the election results hurt many people. In the states like Texas and Hawaii, they waited for the absentee ballots to be returned. There were also delayed tabulations on votes. The problem of the people trying to access the system was resolved on the third day of voting.

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