1. As discussed in class, there are 5 social class statues in America.
    • Identify which social class status you were raised in and explain how the “way” you have been socialized by class has impacted your life. You can include any privileges that you have been afforded throughout your life to help support your response. (Refer to social class privilege and social classes sheets under Course Materials .
  1. There are 4 common class myths (refer to Myths handout under course materials).
    • Choose 1 myth you agree with and explain your reason OR choose 1 myth you disagree with and explain your answer. Use readings, class materials or other resources to support your answer.

3. Read Classism: America’s Overlooked Problem article.

This article highlights several factors that impact the class gap/divide in the U.S. Choose 1-2 factors from the list below that you agree with. Provide examples to support your response (you can use additional sources)

  • discrimination
  • lack of resources;lack of funding
  • cycle of poverty
  • social group identities oppression & intersectionality
  • Trauma & Mental Health

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