In some 4-5 pages, discuss the 2 readings. Specifically, discuss your understanding of the Israeli occupation, how it came about in the context of the creation of the state of Israel and the Israel-Palestine conflict. What was your understanding of this conflict/occupation prior to reading this book? How does the account in this book contrast with mainstream and media accounts of this topic in the United States? How might you relate this topic more broadly to global inequalities? Very importantly, how is this case study of Israeli colonialism linked to the topics we have been covering in this course? Make sure that your discussion is analytical, rather than merely describing the reading, and that it links the reading to the topics of the course.

Readings: 1. Ben White – Israeli Apartheid A Beginner’s GuideFile (full book)

2. Robinson and Griffin full pdf of book We Will Not Be SilencedFile (ONLY the section titled ‘introduction’ (pg 1-20) and chapter 3 ‘ My Ordeal with the Israel Lobby and the University of California 53 William I. Robinson’ (pg. 53-71)

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