IPP Document

Individual Professional Practice Document

Week 1: NP Title, Definition, and Consensus Model

Student Name:

APRN Specialty: PMHNP

If you live on the border of other states in which you plan to practice, or if you already practice in multiple states, it is highly recommended that you complete this information for each state because state regulations vary greatly, and you need to know what each state’s regulations are. This will help you immensely as you approach graduation.


This is the question

1.State in which you will be practicing as an APRN:I will be practicing in massachussetts

2.State’s definition of Nurse Practitioner:


3.Title/Initials allowed to use according to state regulations:

4..Board of Nursing hyperlink:


5.Using the APRN Consensus Grid, write a summary of how the state you plan to practice in is meeting the components of the consensus model. Refer to the Nurse Practice Act for details related to the state.

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