Before submitting your Introduction & Outline of Essay #3, please review the following resources: 1) Review the Guidelines for Essay #3 and make sure you fully understand the requirements of this assignment. 2) Review the Introduction to Critical Approaches and Live Lecture #6. 3)You might also want to review the MLA Formatting Basics, and ensure your paper is properly formatted before submitting. In order to receive 5 points, your outline must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Your document must be properly MLA formatted and should include a word count as the 5th line in the heading. (Only include the main text of your paper in this word count (do not include the heading or title in this number.).
  2. Your document must include a working title that is creative, includes the title of Watchmen, and makes it clear which approach you are taking.
  3. Your document must include a developed introduction paragraph which begins with an engaging hook, contextualizes the significance of the graphic novel for an audience that has already read it, and ends with a thesis.
  4. Your document must include a thesis statement that makes a clear and original argument about Watchmen using the critical approach you chose as a lens through which you will analyze the text. This thesis should be highlighted yellow.
  5. Your document must include 4-6 bullet points (body paragraph topics) which clearly indicate which claims or sub-points you will use to develop your thesis. You may use bullet points or numbering for this.

Bonus Point Opportunity: If you are able to indicate where you will include your countering move (this can be you pushing back against one of your outside sources or you including a counterargument and refutation based on an example from Watchmen), you can earn one bonus point on this assignment. Highlight this countering move blue, and make sure you are specific when indicating what/how you will counter.

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