Interprofessional Communication Assignment

1.  Reflect on a time that you participated in an interdisciplinary team decision: what went well and what did not go well. (10 points)

2.  What was your role on this team? Did you feel confident in role? What would have improved your experience? (10 points)

3.  Did you receive any education related to IPE in your previous nursing education? How have you incorporated this education? If you did not receive this education, how do you think IPE would have changed your practice? (10 points)

4.  When do you think would be the best time to introduce IPE into nursing education and why? (10 points)

5.  Using one of the resources provided in this module, how will you use this information to improve your current practice? (10 points)


After watching the video of the team meeting discussing the patient with cleft palate, list examples from the discussion that illustrate each of the following communication skills (both good and bad communication). When you list examples of poor communication, describe what could be done to improve the communication skill. (10 points for each skill below for total of 50 points)

Plain language





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