Research at least 6 tools in each category and document what you find in your answer. Present your answer in Table format.


  1. Use the Internet to research IDS and Vulnerability Management and Assessment Tools. Find at least six (6) tools for each security tool category, with a minimum of three (3) Open Source and three (3) Commercial for each category of tools (6 IDS and 6 Vulnerability Management). Write a paragraph, IN YOUR WORDS, for each security tool explaining the features, advantages, disadvantages, and benefits including cost and licensing. Provide the cost and include a reference link to each tool.
  2. Next, write a paragraph explaining which tool you prefer or will recommend for your company (one statement for each category, open source vs commercial). What is your logic behind your choice? Keep in mind, the cheapest is not always the best choice.
  3. Use table or chart for your analysis (Excel, word or PPT)
  4. Type your paper in MS Word, double-space your document, and save it using the following file-naming convention: LastName_Howework2 as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf.
  5. Submit your file as an attachment by clicking on the Homework2 link above the title of this assignment.

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