• A workflow diagram (flowchart) depicts a series of actions that define a job or how work should be done.
  • The Smartdraw website provides information about workflow diagrams, including definitions, instructions, and examples.
  • Review the following in your Garcia-Dia (2019) textbook:
    • Chapter 7: Project Integration Management and Systems Development Life Cycle: System Design
      • Page 201: Workflow Documentation and Management Tools
      • Review Figure 7.5, which shows a workflow for a clinic visit wherein the patient starts in the scheduling or registration area.
      • Review Figure 7.6, which depicts an ambulatory care visit.
      • Review Figure 7.7, which provides an example of an assessment questionnaire for a medical-surgical unit in determining the patient assignment process.

View the YouTube video What is a Flowchart for more information.

Flowchart Video (4:34 minutes)



Develop a workflow diagram for your proposed project and submit it to this assignment. The workflow diagram also will need to be included in your ADDIE paper.


Rubric/Workflow Diagram Rubric

Content expected:

  1. 1.Dataflow diagram is included
  2. 2.Technical considerations are included
  3. 3.Integration of information from various ancillary departments is included


structure expected:

  1. 1.Sequence is outlined
  2. 2. Use of action or process symbols is evident
  3. 3.Use of  connecting lines/split paths
  4. 4. Legend is included



This is like a flow sheet and l don’t see option for work flow diagram. 

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