Discussion Board: Searching for Literature


In this discussion post, you will demonstrate your ability to search for peer-reviewed literature on a particular topic and to use APA format.  


1) Describe a clinical problem you notice on a clinical unit – current or recent on the topic “Inadequate Staffing” with focus on Nurses 


2) Identify at least 2 key concepts for this clinical problem and some keywords (synonyms) for each.  


3) Use the CINAHL or MEDLINE database.  Narrow your search to the last 5 years. Make sure the search strategy yielded at least 4 peer-reviewed sources that are ALL relevant to your topic.  If not, repeat step #2 (consult a librarian if needed). At least one must be a primary research study (quantitative or qualitative).  Demonstrate your search strategy using a permalink.


4) In one paragraph, discuss the 2 sources and how each is relevant to the topic. Be sure to indicate the type of source – i.e., qualitative research study, meta-analysis, case study report, concept paper, etc. for each.  Please provide a permalink for each of the 2 articles (you can just list them after this paragraph or hyperlink them – your choice).


5) In one paragraph, discuss the hierarchy of evidence between these 2 sources (use textbook to support).  


6) Create an APA reference list for these 2 sources and include any other sources you used above.  https://curry.libguides.com/citationhelp/apa (Links to an external site.)


***Please note that for many papers you write in this program, you would likely need to narrow the focus more (i.e. PICOt question) and repeat the search with that narrower focus.***

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