Media Consumption Analysis

This Assignment Must Be Submitted as a Hard Copy

PART 1 – Record all media use for a full 24 hours, breaking it up by type and usage (TV, computer, cell phone, iPod/MP3, gaming device, tablet, social media, radio, magazines and newspapers, books, etc).

Use the provided media log format to record your media consumption.

Your media log should answer the following questions:

1.) What did you watch, listen to, browse, or read?

2.) How long did you watch, listen, browse, or read?

3.) What else were you doing at the time?

PART 2 – Total your media usage.

Tally your total time in minutes for each medium at the bottom of its log page.

Text messages should be tallied every time you send OR receive. Total the number and multiply by 15 seconds, then divide by 60 to get minutes.

PART 3 – Total the financial cost of your media usage.

Fill in the monthly cost of media use. If you share a service with roommates, use the TOTAL monthly cost. Remember, when you graduate from college you may not have anyone to share the cost with, so it’s nice to have a realistic picture of media costs.

PART 4 – Write it up.

In your media log analysis paper, you should:

1.) Provide an analysis of your media technology use – the range and extent of it – by referring to your media log. This is a good place to explore the general process of tracking your media use for 24 hours and any observations about it. Do not simply summarize the numbers from your log pages. Think about them. Analyze.

2.) Regardless of time spent, which medium is your most preferred and why? Address the conditions in which you normally use your favorite medium (alone, with a friend, in a group, etc., and at what times). If that particular technology stopped working tomorrow, how would it affect your life?

3.) Explain what you derive from media technology in general and your preferred medium in particular – what needs seem to be fulfilled?

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