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identify his or her current and future professional goals based on the COPA model and the Eight Core Practice Competencies; create a chart that includes a timeline, resources, and accomplishments to achieve the goals; and reflect on how the Thomas Edison State College BSN educational experience will support achieving the goals. Directions Please review the COPA model and the Eight Core Practice Competencies. Write a 3–4 page paper using the following guidelines. Explain the COPA model in your introduction: use one paragraph and references; and identify four goals for yourself in this educational program. Create a four-column chart. In column one, list the eight core practice competencies (be sure to list your goals appropriately in column one); In column two, list two ways you achieved each competency or expect to achieve each competency (include examples relevant to your workplace setting and to this educational program); In column three, include a list of resources (personnel, written, websites, etc) you used or will use to achieve each competency; and in column four, include the date you achieved each competency or when you expect to achieve each competency. In your conclusion, using 1–2 paragraphs, discuss how your academic program will assist you in achieving all eight core practice competencies in the COPA model. Submit your paper using the Submission link.

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