I need one paragraph about question 14-6 and one paragraph 14-7 your opinion without any sources and write like high school because English is my second language

14–6. Mental incompetence. Dorothy Drury suffered from dementia and chronic confusion. When she became unable to manage her own affairs, including decisions about medical and financial matters, her son Eddie arranged for her move to an assisted living facility. During admission, she signed a residency agreement, which included an arbitration clause. After she sustained injuries in a fall at the facility, a suit was filed to recover dam- ages. The facility asked the court to compel arbitration. Was Dorothy bound to the residency agreement?


14–7. Licensing statutes. PEMS Co. International, Inc., agreed to find a buyer for Rupp Industries, Inc., for a com- mission of 2 percent of the purchase price, which was to be paid by the buyer. Using PEMS’s services, an invest- ment group bought Rupp for $20 million and changed its name to Temp-Air, Inc. PEMS asked Temp-Air to pay a commission on the sale. Temp-Air refused, arguing that PEMS acted as a broker in the deal without a license. The applicable statute defines a broker as any person who deals with the sale of a business. If this statute was intended to protect the public, can PEMS collect its commission? Explain

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