The assignment will be graded on the following:

1) How well the student makes a case for the connections between the text and the contemporary world.

2) Topics to choose from


I Need Thee Every Hour – Sam Robson     ( Exegesis Hymnal)




3) The student demonstrates the appropriateness of the text to the following contexts. The World Behind the Text – The text in its original context. Consult your work on the contextual, formal, and detailed analysis to determine what this text meant to the original context. What did it mean to the audience, first hearers and/or readers, people in the text, people mentioned but not actually in the story. What was the author’s intent? Why are these people in the story?The Text in a Contemporary Context Apply the meaning to a topic (see 2 above) How relevant is the meaning from the above context in a contemporary context. Compare and contrast What changed between then and now? What can still be applied?All StudentsTo Submit:

  • The paper should consist of:
  • Introduction – An introduction should be written stating the thesis and the purpose of this assignment.
  • The World Behind the Text (see 3 above)
  • The Contemporary Context (see 3 above)
  • Conclusion The conclusion should summarize the introduction and be at least one (1) paragraph for a paper of this size.
  • Paragraphs are to be indented with no spaces between paragraphs
  • Include page numbers centered at bottom of pages, excluding title page.
  • Double spaced, left justified, Times New Roman, 12-point font
  • 2000 words of content; title page, bibliography and rubric not included.

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