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What are some observations you have made about health and healing in your community? Are there any particular health issues that have been a concern in your community? This first part of the final project aims towards identifying a health concern locally and finding actionable means to address these concerns.

In this portion of the final project students have the opportunity to identify a health concern of interest and research this topic through local and anthropological insights. For this proposal, I am looking for students to reflect on the questions posed below and have at least five anthropological sources (articles, books, etc.) that will help understand this health concern cross-culturally.

Identify a health concern (state the problem):

  • Describe a health concern that you have observed in your community.
  • What are the prevalence and/or incidence rates of this phenomena?
  • How are these rates comparable to other communities, townships, counties, cities, and/or states?
  • Why is it important to learn more about this health concern?

Ways to Make Changes (Actionable Solutions):

  • Suggest 1-2 ways to make changes to the problem(s) you identified
    • Avoid just help them responses. Instead ask yourself who are the agents involved in what you are suggesting? How does your solution(s) connect to you and your role?


  • Use a consistent formating throughout the paper (i.e. MLA, APA, Chicago style)
  • Use in-text citations when quoting and paraphrasing
  • Identify five anthropological sources to use for your final paper
  • Follow your designating formating style (APA, MLA, Chicago) throughout your ‘References Cited/Bibliography’ section (this should not just be a list of websites)

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