This discussion is based on the Logic of Hypothesis Testing activity from the Chapter 10 Student Activity Workbook accessible from within MyLab. A pdf of the activity is attached to this discussion and can be downloaded using this link.

In this activity you will use an applet to simulate a hypothesis test about a political poll.

Step 1 – guided exploration with the applet

Follow the steps in the attached activity document. Here’s a direct link to the applet you need for this activity: (Links to an external site.)

Step 2 – Post your thoughts on the questions in the activity

Please post to the discussion board with your answers to the questions embedded in all parts of the activity.

Step 3 – Respond to at least one classmate

Unlike some past discussions, I have not broken the class up into groups, and I have not set Canvas to assign you to review a particular classmate’s post. You should just read your classmates’ posts, and reply to anything you find noteworthy. This might be something that struck you as particularly interesting about how they answered the questions, a misconception you may have had that their post helped clarify for you, a misconception that they might have in their thinking, or anything else that stands out to you.You have to make your initial post before you can see the posts of other people in the class.

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