This week we will focus on the evidence-based practice that impacts quality and safety in providing healthcare during a disaster. Disasters can take many forms including natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, terrorist attacks outside or within the healthcare organization, and nuclear and biological disasters. Reflect on how nurse leaders can prepare, ensure, or improve quality and safety for patients and staff in these situations. In a paper:

  • -Identify one issue within disaster healthcare that requires quality or safety improvement. State the issue selected as your paper title.
  • -Search the literature for position statements, research, standards of practice, and other evidence of best practice (minimum of 4 peer-reviewed, professional, government, or civic/community sources).
  • -Explain where you searched (1 brief paragraph on method, databases, date range, and description of sources/organizations).
  • -Summarize key findings (1/2 page) and best practice(s) (1/2 page) from the literature search.
  • -Appraise best practices for general application or specific application to your setting based on the following EBP framework (1 page):
    • (1) Evidence – Evaluate the strength of the evidence.
    • (2) Patient Preferences/Values
    • (3) Clinical Expertise
    • (4) Context/Environment
  • -Reflect on insights related to completing the assignment (1 paragraph):
    • Describe the impact of completing this assignment on your personal feelings and thinking and how it may impact your practice as a leader.
  • -Your paper should be an estimated 5 pages including the required title page and reference page.

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