How to Write a Nursing Paper and Excel

Nursing Paper A nursing paper is a prerequisite to becoming a top-notch professional in your occupation. Plans-of-care, plans and other legal forms of documentation require to be well-versed in this type of nursing paper writing. A good nurse must assess the patient’s state of health, critically approach and analyze all the data provided by necessary screens and communicate first aid treatment

How to Write a Nursing Research Paper

  • Find an interesting topic that was not previously elaborated. Look on the Internet, for example, for topics for a research paper, family assessment paper nursing, case study essays.
  • Sift through relevant documentation and materials to understand whether you possess the necessary amount of information and data.
  • Your essays should include both theoretical and practical parts.
  • Try to find more keywords that are connected with your topic and that due to the search engines find more information that fits the topic of your survey.
  • Make the structure coherent.
  • Each paragraph in your nursing paper needs to begin with a topic sentence.
  • Apply tables, graphs, statistics to present the reader with the indispensable data.
  • Always stick to a plan.

The Common Structure of a Nursing Paper

  1. This section of the essay is primarily devoted to the presentation of the following parts. It must encompass the reason of the value of your research, the aim (why are you conducting it), the already existing data concerning your topic (names of the prominent scientists who touched it), what hypothesis or hypotheses you have. Your introduction is like a face of your project. It should draw reader’s attention and engage them in the whole thing. To come up with the introduction of your own you may look through Dissertation Introduction. E. g.  “Pain and culture are both nebulous terms which are difficult to define authoritatively. However, they are both important considerations in the provision of health care”
  2. Methodology and literature used. This section is one of the most time-consuming ones. Here you describe very precisely and meticulously all the methods and approaches you used while doing your survey. Every topic in the field of nursing has been already covered by at least a few scientists. That is why there exists lots of literature connected with nursing (articles, essays, documentation, dissertations etc.).
  3. Obtained results. Present all the outcomes you have while fulfilling your task. What results are the most productive and essential. Tell what supports and backs results you have got.
  4. This is the part where you may express your personal opinion. Name all the downsides and advantages of your research. Tell whether the topic you dwelled on have  future perspectives within the theory and practice. You evaluate the results and explain them to the reader.
  5. The conclusion is a concentration of the information mentioned above. Mention points that were stated in the introduction  including hypothesis, tell whether the aim of your survey was achieved or not, mention all the methods you turned to. Do not go into detail, this part is the briefest one. E.g. “This report has highlighted elder abuse as a complex social problem…”

Avoid These Mistakes While Writing Your Research Paper on Nursing

  • Using colloquial style.
  • Reiteration of the same again and again in different parts of the essay.
  • Choosing topic that you do not like and are not interested in
  • Going into detail in the conclusion and discussion paragraphs.

Examples of Nursing Research Paper Topics

  • “Weight Perceptions in Preschool Children”
  • “Fall risk assessment: retrospective analysis of Morse Fall Scale scores in Portuguese hospitalized adult patients”
  • “Factors influencing health-related quality of life after primary percutaneous coronary intervention for ST-elevation myocardial infarction”


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