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Nursing Homeworks: How to chooe a nursing essay topic

Nursing Homework: How to Choose a Nursing essay Topic

When your nursing professor asks you to choose an essay topic and write about it, it feels like a walkover; but not for everyone. To some, that is like a punishment. While there are hundreds of essay topics you can consider, some students always find it challenging to come up with one appropriate nursing essay topic for their nursing homework. However, with the Nursing Homework Company, you can always get stunning ideas.

1.     Searching for potential nursing essay topics

One of the ways to come up with a winning essay topic is considering the topics you have good knowledge in, add more research on it to enhance your understanding of it, and turn it into an essay. Alternatively, you can select a topic that you are not well-conversant in and explore it. In doing this, you will enhance your understanding of the topic and craft an essay on the topic. There are several approaches you can utilize to select a new topic for your essay.

You may consider an interesting topic that your lecturer taught or mentioned in class. Consult your instructor on how to turn this topic into an essay. Think of a topic that you would like to research in-depth. Besides, you can explore a topic that you think has complex notions and you would want to understand. Making use of handbooks and encyclopedias can help you choose such topics. Try to consult the tables of content of the books and encyclopedias to identify such topics.

2.     Selecting the right nursing essay topic right topic

Having conducted your search using the above techniques, you must have come across some interesting potential topics that you can choose for your nursing essay. Out of those topics, consider one that is more interesting to you. It is important to note that it is easier and quicker to write about a topic you are more interested in.

3.     Formulating a Research Question

A research question is the backbone of your essay. Without a research question, your essay will not earn you any reasonable grade. However, having selected a topic, it becomes very easy to formulate a research question. Here are pins to note when formulating your research question.

  • Consider what you want your reader to discover from your essay
  • Consider your voice in the essay dialogue
  • Do not take a form of passive reporting. Instead, search for answers.

For instance, if you write about a new technological advancement in nursing, you may consider finding out how the new development influences nursing practice or individuals (a group of nurses, patients, etc.).

4.     Narrowing Down Your Topic

In this step, students face the challenge of choosing topics that are too broad to fit in their specified word count. As a result, your thesis statement may lose its meaning or sound weaker.  In case you are interested in a broad topic, it is important to narrow it down to your word count specifications. One of the most useful tactics of narrowing down your topic is asking the five WH questions­―Who? What? Why? When?  How? However, your essay does not have to answer all the above questions. You can pick a reasonable number of questions and answer them. Or instance, if you pick a topic on electronic health records (EHRs), you may answer questions like:

  • What are the EHRs?
  • When was EHRs discovered?
  • Who benefits from EHRs?
  • What are the benefits of EHRs?

5.     Finding sources of references

A good nursing essay needs arguments backed up with relevant and authoritative references. Several online sites can give you appropriate scholarly articles to back your essay arguments. Look for as many articles that talk about your selected topic. Some of the most reliable sources include ResearchGate,, and Google Scholar

Here are some of the nursing essay topics you can consider

  • Violence in nursing
  • Patient-nurse Relationships
  • Modern technologies in nursing practice
  • Ethical issues n nursing
  • Deal with procedures for nurses
  • Techniques for patient care
  • Dealing with handicapped patients
  • The future of the nursing practice

Still, need help?

Choosing a nursing essay topic should never be a challenge to you anymore. With the above steps, you are sure to draft a winning nursing essay topic. However, if you still have challenges in choosing a topic or writing your nursing essay, at Nursing Homework, we have great experts who can write a custom nursing essay for you. Click here to request a high-quality nursing essay.


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