Selecting a Relevant Sample / Evaluating a Sample
Paper details 

Assignment Details —

Course: Research Topics in Health Administration
Course Textbook: Health services research methods (2nd ed.)
Author: Leiyu Shi
ISBN: 978-1428352292 —

Assignment Readings –
• Online lectures reading (copied/pasted below – see “Online Reading”)
• From your course textbook, Health services research methods (2nd ed.), read the following chapters:
o Evaluation research
o Design in health services research
o Sampling in health services research

• Use the following Web resource:

Assignment case instructions —
Important info for writer….From instructor: In my classes you will be required to rely heavily on Peer Reviewed Journals. There is a requirement that you must only utilize new research which is not older than 36 months. Failure to follow this requirement will negatively impact your grade. Additionally all case studies must include at the very least a minimum of two new references that pertain to the type of case being studied. These references must be from a PRJ and not older than 36 months. —-
Your assignment consist of two parts – Question 1 & Question 2 “discussion questions” — Use “Question and Answer” format to answer all questions. – Length needed: 1-page per question, total: 2-pages. – No title page needed. — Cite two PRJ references for each question, total: 4 – use APA format. –
Discussion Question 1: Selecting a Relevant Sample
The research question or purpose of the study guides decisions about the research sampling. How might researchers ensure that they select a sample relevant to the research without introducing a bias? –

Discussion Question 2: Evaluating a Sample
Read the following two studies. Be sure to read the entire articles, not just the abstracts. –
Article 1 —
• Abraham, J., Sick, B., Anderson, J., Berg, A., Dehmer, C., & Tufano, A. (2011). Selecting a provider: What factors influence patients’ decision making? Journal of Healthcare Management, 56 (2), 99–114. –
Read Article 1 at the following link: —
Article 2 —
• Chullen, C. L., Dunford, B. B., Angermeier, I., Boss, R. W., & Boss, A. D. (2011). Minimizing deviant behavior in healthcare organizations: The effects of supportive leadership and job design. Journal of Healthcare Management, 55(6), 381–397. –
See Added Files for PDF copy of Article 2. —
Compare the two studies by analyzing their samples. Use the following questions to guide you.
1. What sampling design is used?
2. Is the sample size adequate?
3. How does the sample affect the validity of the conclusions of the study?

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