This discussion forum is designed to explore your thoughts on how quality in health care differs from quality in non-health care settings. You must create your own thread before you can view the other students’ posts.

At this point, you should be able to, at a scholarly level, be able to respond to these questions based on learning and materials from this course since it began. Therefore, no reference is required. However, evidence of understanding quality in health care must be evident in your answers. Respond thoughtfully to the following questions:

1. How does quality in health care setting differ from quality and expectations of consumers in non-health care settings such as restaurants, clothing stores, automobile purchases, etc.

2. How is the long term care setting unique from other health care settings (such as acute care or physician practices) when it comes to the populations it serves and when measuring, evaluating and continuously improving quality?

3. What will you require and expect in your own health care settings/services to believe that a facility/provider and their services are of high quality? What are your expectations?

To receive full credit you must:

A. Provide a meaningful, thoughtful and scholarly initial post that is supported by fact/evidence and not just opinion.

B. No reference is required.

C. Proofread and correct any grammar or spelling errors.

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