Please make sure to answer all the questions by using the following links:

William Murray Mansfield, “A Letter to Philo Africanus, Upon Slavery” (1787)

Malachy Postlethwayt, “The Advantages of the African Trade” (1772)

Please read the documents and reply to the following prompts in an initial post of at least 300 words total:

  • How do these documents defend the institution of slavery? Which explanation appears to be the most important to these pro-slavery writers? Consider the tone of the authors’ arguments—is slavery a regrettable, but necessary evil? A positive good? Support your conclusions with examples from the documents.
  • Imagine you are an 18th-century abolitionist. How would you counter a specific pro-slavery argument from one of these authors, using the same line of reasoning? (For example, if they cite a particular Bible verse/story to support slavery, do you have a counter Bible verse/story? If they argue economics, what is your economic counter? Etcetera.)

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