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Homework: Peterson

Issues facing Wendy Peterson are management issues especially how to have her ideas and thoughts implemented in the company. Wendy is faced with the major challenge of handling Fred Wu, whom despite producing great results, does not adhere to the rules and regulations of the company. It is likely that Wendy is in dilemma. She is eager to produce results but again there are issues concerning work ethics that ought to be adhered to. Yes, Wendy is so much interested in good results but she does not know how to handle Wu because he seems to be going off-track despite his wonderful records. It seems that Wu has his own personality and characters that he wants to dominate and he is not ready to abide by his boss’s rules.

Wu is motivated in his approach in addressing Ms. Peterson by his achievements and uniqueness in the company. He is able to sign huge lucrative contracts with some Chinese business which is a special target for the AccountBack Company. He also has a unique professional experience that he uses in the field to persuade clients. He has a vast experience with Chinese companies because of his past relationship with them and the fact that he is also of Chinese origin. Generally, Wu is a quality that Ms. Peterson and the company would wish to have as far as revenue collection is concerned even though he does not seem to possess teamwork behavior.

Wu does not seem to have good communication skills. He does not call or send emails in case of any emergency or any issue as stipulated by the company and Peterson. Peterson loves constant communication and would always love to address every issue that arises in the course of the business. However, Wu does not take communication serious. He feels that by fulfilling the business purpose and role of acquiring clients, he does not need to constantly communicate. Wu believes that the most important thing is the client but other employees as thought by Peterson.

Second part

Wendy faces the challenges of dealing with employee with different culture. She also has a tendency of interacting and encouraging continuous communication that unfortunately seems irritating to some employees such as Wu. Peterson tends to concentrate much in producing results rather than understanding individual employee’s culture, behavior and characters. Wendy generalizes that all employees should adhere to her ideas. She is not flexible when it comes to dealing with employees.

Managing subordinates with different cultural backgrounds may be very challenging because they have their own work values that are different from ours. It is always hard to understand an individual subordinates beliefs and some of the organizational cultures may be hurting them. Communication, individual’s perception and ability to adapt to the environment are some of the challenges affecting individuals. My understanding of the psychological contract makes me consider the significance of the relationship between me and my employees by encouraging a mutual expectation of both inputs and outcomes. My decision focuses on employee’s feelings and the fairness of balance.

Wu’s performance has been very impressive technically especially in establishing lucrative contacts with top Asian businesses and bring in a very big account in a short period of time. He closed his first business deal worth over $400,000 annually barely eight months after he was hired. Nevertheless, Wu is not very good at working in a team and his cooperation to others was low. He acted suspiciously by keeping the account and contact of Mr. Tian-Ming Zheng, a customer, all to himself. These behaviors make him score low marks in his performance.

If I were Peterson I would have let Wu go to his preferred company by initially consider whether his actions prioritized the company and the client’s long term benefits or not. By assessing his performance against the organization norms especially his abilities to engage in teamwork activities and the eventual effect on other employees, I would be able to make decision of firing him. The best thin g to do with Wu would simply encourage him to embrace better communication between me and him as well as other employees. Considering continuing working with Wu may risk creating inequality simply because he has brought success and this may later affect the department in terms of employee relationship.

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