Home Protection, What You Should Know

Home Protection, What You Should Know



I have selected home protection as my area of research. This is an important research since the home security issues have been on the rise in the United States. Burglary is the most common type of risk that faces many homes in the United States. A burglar breaks into a home in the United States every 15 seconds and does away with goods worth $1,725. This also robs the peace of mind of the residents who have been robbed (Lyon, 2013). This paper aims at discussing the various ways of enhancing home security. The various ways to protect and prevent homes from invasions will be discussed.


Home protection is amongst the major concerns in the United States. The most common risk in such settings is burglary. There are several measures that people need to put in order to mitigate the chances of their homes being a target for robbers. Different authors have different opinions on what people should implement in their house security systems in the bid to reduce the risk. I have selected three articles that discuss the issue of home protection. The opinions of different authors are discussed below;

“Home security” by Chris E MacGoeyThis author critically analyses several ways of enhancing home security. He sets out measures that people should use to secure their homes and themselves when in the home compound. The following are some of the factors that he cites.

Locking the doors at all times is the first measure that the author recommends. He argues that a burglar will bypass a home that needs too much skill to enter. Garage and backdoors are the target zones for buglers. They know that these two points are the weakest to use when accessing the house. These doors should be fitted with grade 1 or grade 2 locks. This will resist twisting, prying, and lock-picking attempts (MacGoey, 2013)

The author of this article also cites windows as an issue of concern in homes. He says that structure of windows has the ability to attract burglars. He recommends windows should be fitted with extra blocking materials such as wood since they do not have locks.

The author explains the importance of safes in homes. He adds that the safes should be used to store valuables in homes. Jewelry and important documents should be kept in these safes.

Lighting and alarm systems are other things that the author mentions. He suggests that homes should be well lit especially at night. He sets out that darkness is a signal to burglars that tells them that the owner is not in. This increases the vulnerability of such homes. The author of this article also suggests the installation of visible alarms in homes. He says that burglars will bypass the homes with such alarms because of the fear of getting caught by the police when the alarm gets on.

“Top 5 Home Security Tips” by Julia Layton

The author of this article discusses the risk factors in homes. She explains the various issues that need to be checked in effecting home security. Her perception on the issue is discussed below.

Locking up the house is the first measure pointed out as necessary in her article. Locking the house with quality locks is essential in keeping the thieves away. She says that a good lock can prevent a burglar from gaining access of the doors even in the absentia of the owner.

Lighting the house at night is the second concern in her article. The compound should be well lit and more so the hiding spots at night. In the bid to save energy, motion detector lightings should be fitted outdoors. This will scare away any intruder (Layton, 2013).

Layton also advises people to be original when handing security issues at home. She spots out that burying the key in the mud or at the door step should be discouraged. If the key must be hidden, the person hiding it should be creative. She advises that if the friends guess the hiding place, it should be changed at once. She however advocates on carrying the key when the person is leaving home.

In the conclusion of her article, she warns people against broadcasting their location and advices on installing alarm systems in the house. Broadcasting where one is on social media like Twitter and Facebook makes the home a target place for burglars. People should avoid this as it makes their homes vulnerable. She also advises on installing the alarm devices. She says that if the thieves know that the house is installed with such systems, they would dare not attempt the robbery. The article emphasizes the importance of the alarm being obvious. The author says that if the alarm is obvious, the burglary risk would be low.

“Ways to Protect Yourself From a Home Invasion” by Joe Pappalardo and Chad Hunt.

These two authors focus on the seven major things that can protect homes from invasion. These factors are discussed below.

The authors of this article propose the use of doorbells. They argue that this can make the thief shy away. The article also suggests that homes should have a safe room. These rooms should be used in times of dangers to shield oneself from intruders. They also suggest that windows should always be locked when the owners are not at home and thorns should be planted around windows. These thorns can collect DNA from blood and skin of the intruder. This can aid in forensics when determining the invader (Pappalardo & Hunt, 2013).

These authors point out the importance of knowing the law of the land when dealing with trespassers at home. Laws differ from state to state. In New Jersey, one is allowed to shoot a trespasser only if there is no route of escaping and when life is threatened. In Ohio, one is allowed by the law to shoot a trespasser for just being on one’s property (Pappalardo & Hunt, 2013).

Comparison of the article views on home protection

The three articles have similarities and differences on the issue of home security. They however have a common goal, identifying the risk factors in homes and coming up with ways to mitigate them.

A common issue addressed by these articles is locking of doors. The doors are viewed as the most important security measure in homes. They propose the use of quality locks in the prevention of burglary.

The installation of alarms is also another factor that is discussed in the articles. Alarms are portrayed as a discouraging factor to intruders. The articles argue that the intruders fear being caught by the police and would therefore not attempt stealing from such homes. Placing the alarms in strategic points is also brought out as an advantage by these authors.

These articles differ on safe rooms. Chris E MacGoey suggests that home safes should be availed in homes for storing valuables while Joe Pappalardo and Chad Hunt’s article emphasizes on safe rooms where people can actually hide during danger.

Joe Pappalardo and Chad Hunt’s article support the shooting of intruders. This is not right and should never be done. Every person has a right to life and shooting them denies them the right. It is wrong to take someone’s life. Retaliation from the gang of intruders can come back and wreak havoc in homes where one of their own was shot. It is advisable to call for help in cases of home invasion.

Alignment of these readings with the textbook

These readings concentrate on identifying the vulnerability of homesteads, assessing the risks in these homes and coming up with measures to mitigate the risks. This is in alignment with chapter five text books- vulnerability assessments.

Chapter five of the textbook is about the vulnerability assessment. Vulnerability assessments are aimed at identifying the threats and coming up with counter measures to reduce these risks (Vellani, 2007, p. 90). These articles analyses the various burglaries as the major vulnerability in homes. Several ways like locking up the doors and installing the alarm systems are suggested. There are other means that the authors have suggested that can reduce the vulnerability of homes. Failure to broadcast on the whereabouts and setting up the alarm systems are also factors mentioned in the articles which can mitigate the risk.

Recommendations on home protection

The above readings have shown that burglary is the biggest risk that faces homes. I have discovered that the ways to counter this risk is to beef up entry security homes. I have also discovered that locking the doors and installing an alarm system in homes plays a major role in dealing with burglary.

I would recommend that my classmates be good neighbors. Good neighborhood can assist in surveillance of each other’s home in absentia. This will deal with burglary that occurs especially when people are away from their homes. .


Home is a place where one is supposed to feel safe and free. The security of homes should always be kept tight in or absence of the owners. The above issues are the ways to mitigate the threats that can take place in homes. I believe that if people follow the above methods, then homes will be well protected.

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