I have upload a book below.

8 pages paper , The paper should use 1 inch margins and standard 12 point font. Endnotes and Footnotes are preferable to in-text citations.

You are to read and analyze Wolcott’s book with an eye towards answering the following questions. You should not simply write the paper as a direct response to these, but use these to guide your note taking, analysis, and response.

What is this book about? Why did Wolcott write it? What intervention (ie. how does her book change the way we understand) is she making in the historiography of segregations, race relations, and civil rights? How does focusing on public amusements such as swimming pools, water parks, and amusement parks accomplish this goal? Detail the ways grassroots activism on the part of the historical actors in Wolcott’s text succeeded, and what were the ultimate results of that success? Is success the right word to use?

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