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Read the attached FILE. just 200 words



. Pay particular attention to the stories on Sunland and Willowbrook.

In 1980, a conference was held in order to educate behavior analysts and direct care staff on behavior analysis within the developmentally disabled population and established a state organization – the Florida Association of Behavior Analysis (FABA), in which BF Skinner was the keynote speaker.  Eight years later, the association created the FABA code of ethics – the first association in behavior analysis to do so.  The existing BACB grew out of FABA in 1999.  FABA now adopts BACB authored codes while maintaining their mission  to promote  “ethical, humane, and effective application of behavior principles” across settings.


Question:  To receive some possible reinforcement for reading the article embedded in this lesson, be sure to email your instructor “what The Record assumed was the reason for abusive behavior in the Sunland facility”

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