SWOT analysis matrix using the template provided.Preview the document

Written justification for each factor you included in your matrix. Justification should be supported by scholarly evidence (i.e. – peer-reviewed journal articles; 10K report, etc.). For criteria that could include data as evidence, calculations should be incorporated into your analytical write-up.

  1. Your written analysis will be a 3 page; APA formatted MS Word document.

FILLER TEXTThis is an individual, not a team, assignment.FILLER TEXTFILLER TEXTThis analysis covers section II of the Final Project.FILLER TEXTFILLER TEXTII. Strategic Analysis

A. Internal Strengths and WeaknessesFILLER TEXTB. External Opportunity and Threats

1. Include a discussion Porter’s five forces model as it relates to your company’s industryFILLER TEXT2. Industry life-cycle analysisFILLER TEXT3. External environment factors

C. SWOT Analysis EvaluationFILLER TEXTD. Financial AnalysisFILLER TEXT

  1. E. Overall competitive position
  2. Write a scholarly paper of 3 pages in length (not including title and reference pages).  Include at least 4 resources. 

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